About us


Welcome to our store - a member of the SFNSHOP store chain


What is SFNSHOP?
SFNSHOP is a revolutionary new Multi-Brand & Multi-Store online shopping platform and is the internet's first "online" fashion store chain. We're an invitation only network of online fashion shops (just like this one) giving you access to exciting new  brands and collections from Manufacturers, Designers and Wholesalers throughout the UK, Europe and beyond…!


What this means for you.
Our new online platform lets the brand owners choose and upload their products themselves -  which means you’ll get to see everything from source! Everything from their current season’s creations, to their new forthcoming collections and even on to their last season’s offers (a well kept secret!) . 



Shopping with us.
You can shop by collection, by category or visit the brand owner's boutique to shop their styles exclusively. 

All the products from all our partnering brands are available on all our online stores, so no matter which online store you shop at you’ll always find the same wide choice and value - and no matter how many different brands you shop, you’ll only ever need to contact us. We take care of everything.











A word from the founder:

It all began a few years ago in a car park. I was working at a ladies fashion wholesaler about the time that the internet was beginning to reach maturity and smartphones were beginning to be understood!
It was an exciting time, but I couldn’t help notice that whilst the online business was growing stronger every day, our small high street fashion retailers - in many ways the life-blood of the industry -  were suffering at the hands of the emerging online giants that were swallowing up internet traffic and driving away footfall.

It struck me that if something could be done to help these dedicated high street entrepreneurs - whilst at the same time give shoppers the value & choice they enjoyed when buying online - then something remarkable could happen.



The Marina at Puerto Cabopino: 

The moment of inspiration came one day sat at my favourite beach bar in Marbella, pondering this problem and enjoying a cold drink. Suddenly there was a friendly shout from the beach and over walked “best price” George, as he was known. “Hola boss, what you want today…rayban? rolex? dvd? best price best price” I chuckled and waved him to sit down, got him a drink and asked how’s business?

Turned out George had a problem, thousands of people on the beaches, no easy way to serve them all and competition firing from all corners. (sound familiar?)
Maybe it was the sunshine, maybe it was the music, but as I thought up a solution to his problem I also solved mine. It was one of those “thunderbolt” moments.

Three years later, SFNSHOP is launching the first online fashion chainstore, with scores of online branches just like this one, that are linked to small high street fashion retailers up and down the country - whilst giving You access to the previously hidden stocks sourced from Manufacturers, Wholesalers and budding new Designers across the UK, Europe and beyond.

All the goods from all our suppliers are available on all our branches, which means that you’ll always get the same value and choice no matter which branch you shop at.
And when you buy online from us, you’ll actually be helping the high street not hurting it…and that’s remarkable.


We hope you enjoy our store and we look forward to serving you.


AM //

( Oh, and in case you’re wondering - I bought the watch…it stopped.)