Earn R£wards!


Register with us and get £10 worth of Reward Points for FREE! - No need to order! 


Fashion isn't just about gaining, it's about giving too, so when  you register with us we give you 10 Free Reward Points to help get you started and then every time you buy and keep an item you earn reward points that you can build and use against the cost of future purchases or donate to a good cause of your choice.

Each reward point is worth £1.00 and you earn 1 point for every £10.00 you spend on products. (not including delivery costs)

So don't delay, register your account and start building points!



How to spend your Reward Points:

Proceed through checkout as normal and in the Payment section you’ll see how many reward points you have available and can decide whether or not to use them by checking the “Use my Reward Points” checkbox.

If you choose to use them, then all the points are applied to the order and rounded upwards to the nearest pound (sorry, we don’t do pence points)
Any unused points are simply put back into your balance once the order is confirmed..


Donating your Reward Points.

If you feel that you don’t need your reward points personally, you can contact us and we’ll donate their cash value on your behalf to a worthy cause of your choice. Certain conditions apply when making donations and we reserve the right to refuse making a donation, but as long as your cause is a bona fide UK registered charity or organisation it’s usually very easy and takes moments to arrange. Just contact us directly and we’ll take you through the process. If you make a donation, your first name, your  town and the name of the charity will appear on this website.


Reward Points & Returns:

Remember, if you return an item (or if we refund you for any reason) the reward points earned on that purchase will be deducted - so before you make a return, weigh up whether the loss of points is worth it. For example, if you kept the item and used it as a gift for someone instead, you’d keep your reward points, which you can then use against further purchases.

Full details on our returns policy are in the Delivery and Returns section at the foot of the page


Reward Points: conditions & guidelines:

  • Points are activated in your account 30 days after your purchase is delivered.
    You need to have accumulated a minimum of 20 points before you can spend or donate them.
  • You can see a full history of all the reward points you’ve earned and all the orders you’ve used them against in the My Account section.
  • Reward points can only be used against product purchases (not delivery costs) you make on the website you registered on, and they cannot be redeemed in any other way.(exc donations)
  • Reward points are yours only and cannot be transferred. Points stay active for as long as you remain registered, if your account is closed by you or by us then all unused points are removed.



How To Shop: 

To find what you want, select a main category e.g. Women - then select the sub category for the range you want, and use the filters to zero in on what you’re looking for.

You can close or open filters simply by clicking the title - and you can filter by Price, Size, Colour and Features!

To shop exclusively by Brand you can visit the Manufacturer's Boutique by clicking the brand name on the homepage slider or clicking the "View All" button in the Manufacturers list on the category page. 


Adding to Cart:

Every SFNSHOP store displays the same wide choice of high quality apparel and accessories -  sourced directly from Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Designers throughout  the UK, Europe and beyond.

Many of the items we sell are Exclusives and One Off's and some might even ship in from overseas suppliers especially for your order. 

We operate a smooth and easy returns policy that's based around buying ethics, and we've set up some cart rules to make your shopping with us Fast, Simple and more Sustainable.


  • If you only buy 1 item you get Free Delivery.
  • If you buy 2 items or more you get charged for delivery.
  • You can't buy the same item twice.
  • You can't buy more than 3 different items per order until you become a Premier Member....& we'll tell you when that happens.