Sell With Us

Helping independent brands to get out there, get seen and get customers.


SFNSHOP is an innovative new multi-store concept that we created to give independent Manufacturers and new & emerging Designers a unique platform to showcase and sell their products directly to customers; help introduce their products to retailers and generate retailer stockist enquiries; and give customers a shopping destination where they can discover and buy exciting new brands from the UK, Europe & beyond, all in one place.

SFN takes care of all customer transactions, processes all payments and  handles all customer liaison and logistics. Our brand partners have nothing to support, nothing to maintain and never have to handle payments or customer enquiries, leaving them free to concentrate on what they enjoy most...getting customers and selling product. 

The Advantages of Selling with SFN:-

  • Benefit from the sales efforts of our network of agents 
  • Display and sell your products directly to customers on multiple stores.
  • Influence and generate consumer awareness & demand for your products
  • Instantly increase your brands internet footprint
  • Attract more retailer enquiries to buy and stock your brands
  • Feature in our marketing campaigns and increase your brand’s exposure


Getting started is easy:- 

  • Register your Vendor Account
  • Upload your collections
  • Start Selling

To Register just click the link. Registering takes about a minute and all you need is your name, email and company name.
Once you've registered the Vendor Application form will appear - just refill with your name and company and hit submit - We'll then be in touch


Registering a Vendor Account gets the ball rolling.
Once approved we'll get in touch for a chat, send you a short document that explains how it works and outlines the terms of co-operation, and on your agreement we then activate your account and arrange a short training session to show you how to upload products and manage orders.

And that's it - You're Ready To Start Selling!

Our platform puts You in full control over what you want to display and sell to customers, whether it be current season, last season, limited editions or exclusives & one-off’s. You can even announce your forthcoming collections and take trade pre-orders. You can choose what pictures are used, (we also offer an in-house model released photo service) how your products are described and your pricing. Everything in the back end was designed for speed and ease of use and managing your products is simple.

SFNSHOP is a revolutionary new concept in online fashion sales and distribution and this is your chance to be part of the beginning.

We're looking forward to working with you!

The SFN Team

PS: if you'd like to discuss something or have any questions you're welcome to email us first - just use the Contact Us tab.