MG SKINCARE  is one of London's premier skincare salons based in trendy Tower Bridge and we are proud to showcase their range of exceptional products. MG SKINCARE offers treatments and products to effectively treat all skin conditions and concerns including acne, ageing and pigmentation, using traditional & the latest technologies. MG SKINCARE is cruelty-free, plants based, non-toxic and offers exceptional value for money.

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MG Skincare Vita C Serum

This Vitamin C serum will brighten the skin and diminish visible signs of ageing for smoother, glowing, and firmer-feeling skin. It will protect your skin from environmental damage and you'll see dramatically younger-looking and more radiant skin day after day.

MG Skincare Radiance Serum

This Radiance face serum is a fine blend designed to brighten dark marks, blemishes and uneven skin tone. It even contains retinol which is great to slow down ageing. It does everything you want, it hydrates the skin while controlling excess oil and it also helps prevent acne breakouts while reducing the appearance of darks spots and fine lines.

MG Skincare Lactic acid gel . 10%

MG Lactic acid gel serum 10% is designed & formulated for all skin types & concerns. Our amazing lactic acid serum can be applied directly to cleanse the skin or mix in with facial oils or facial creams. Helping with, acne -congestion - scars - signs of aging & any type of pigmentation. Our lactic acid serum will repair - brighten -renew & exfoliate your skin while you sleep. Use every night or a few nights per week.

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